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  • What is a Wave Trap™ ?

    Wave Traps™ are portable and multi configurable, broadband cylindrical acoustic absorbers that are a modern interpretation of an original design by HF Olson in 1945.

  • What are Wave Traps™ used for?

    Wave Traps™ are used to treat and balance the acoustic properties of an entire room, or just a specific part of the room. Wave Traps™ can also be used for a specific purpose, such as to create a vocal or instrument sweet spot or to tighten up a drum sound.

  • What do Wave Traps™ do?

    Wave Traps™ enable the user to produce professional sounding recordings, by creating a precise and accurate acoustic environment.

  • How do Wave Traps™ work?

    Sound waves are created when sound excites and pressurizes air.  These waves bounce off room surfaces and return to you or your microphone in multiple layers. This creates a false and undesirable recording and mixing environment. This impedes an artist’s ability to produce an accurate and professional sounding recording.


    Wave Traps™ work by absorbing and diffusing these sound waves thus reducing their energy and stopping them from bouncing around and layering.  Wave Traps™ differ from typical acoustical products because they cover a broadband of frequencies and use a unique cylindrical design. This compact cylindrical design is incredibly effective due to its specific recipe of materials and proprietary design. The Original Waveforms, Wave Traps™ bring you the most acoustically effective room treatment on the market.

  • Who uses Wave Traps™?

    Recording engineers, music producers, radio broadcasters, podcasters, musicians, songwriters, vocalists, audiophiles, music teachers and others use Wave Traps™ to improve their acoustic environments.  Anyone who desires a critical and accurate recording environment would benefit from Waveforms Wave Traps™.

  • Why should I invest in Wave Traps™?

    1) Because Wave Traps™ enable you to produce professional sounding recordings.

    2) Wave Traps™ require no permanent installation so your investment says with you.

    3) Wave Traps™ Pro Mix X™ configurations are reconfigurable allowing for multiple uses.

    4) Wave Traps™ cost considerably less than comparable solutions.

    5) Wave Traps™ acoustic materials do not contain harmful Formaldehyde and Benzenol (Phenol).

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