Waveforms USA is a United States manufacturer of acoustic control products.  Waveforms USA manufactures the original Wave Trap™ broadband cylindrical acoustic absorber used by: Recording Engineers, Producers, Musicians, Mastering Engineers, Vocalists, Radio Personalities, Podcasters, Audiophiles, Architects, Engineers and anyone who relies on accurate and inspiring sound reproduction.

Waveforms USA, The Original Wave Trap™

By recording engineers for recording engineers.....

Our founder and General Manager Vince Capotosto has been writing, recording and producing music since the early 80's. Vince has been a champion of the cylindrical acoustic absorber since the 80's and has implemented this technology throughout his career.  Vince feels that no other acoustic technology works as effective as this technology. As a recording engineer producer and songwriter Vince understands the needs of the Waveforms customer and has addressed this in the products offered.

Waveforms USA

Waveforms USA

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